Liz Benedetto is a designer. Always has been, always will be. it’s in her blood. Midwestern born and bred, Liz is from Evanston, Illinois — Just outside Chicago — where education and creative thinking are a way of life. Liz’s aesthetic evolved against the backdrop of this unique and cultural region. As a result, an inherent sense of style and a sincere creative spirit infuse her work as a constant reminder that design is an expression. Liz now lives in Barrington, Illinois. She’s still trying to figure out how she got there, but she loves it just the same. In 2008, Elizabeth Ashby, Inc, was founded, specializing in design and photography to support the communications of its clients. CONTACT  communityBoard Member Kids Feeding Kids ClubExpress Yourself Photography ProjectWishes for Scarlett, DesignerJordan Michael Filler Foundation, DesignerBarrington 220 Education Foundation:  · Incubator Project, Photographer  · Hank Paulson Fundraiser, Photographer  · Winter Blast, Design  · Band Together, Design 
                Our philosophy is to keep things simple; to use different media as tools to convey a message — to entertain, challenge and engage.




The goal is to have fun and be challenged by new ways of interpreting through image, word or expression.